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Mukai discusses what activities that served as childhood entertainment. Mukai details about fishing as a child. Mukai also discusses his experiences with education.

Mukai discusses his family and what it was like growing up in Hakalau. He also details about the food he ate and the values he was taught while growing up. Mukai discusses the impact that playing sports had on his life. He relates a story of his…

Mukai discusses what occurred after he volunteered. He details his experiences on Oahu. Mukai also discusses he trip to the mainland.

Mukai discusses traveling to Camp Shelby and being assigned to the 232nd Combat Engineer Company. He details he experiences from basic training. Mukai also discusses about some of the fun the regiment had.

Mukai discusses traveling in Mississippi and witnessing discrimination first hand. He also details what is was like visiting Jerome Concentration Camp. He also discusses the voyage overseas and arriving in Italy.

Mukai discusses the general duties for the 232nd Combat Engineer Company. He discusses the importance of teamwork and dealing with the rigors of war. He also details about the lighter side of war.

Mukai discusses the incident in which he was wounded. He details the relationship he had between his mother and father. Mukai also discusses the rehabilitation process.

Mukai discusses his life after leaving the service, detailing how he met his wife and his career. He details the organizations that he is a member of. He also discusses he love for golf and gives some words of wisdom for future generations.

Yukio Okutsu describes growing up in Hawaii with his large family and how he passed the time as a child and into his high school years.

Yukio Okutsu describes growing up in his village and learning about Japanese history and values. He also talks about changes following the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Yukio Okutsu volunteers for military service and experiences boot camp at Camp Shelby in Mississippi. He then participates in active combat in Africa and Italy.

Yukio Okutsu experiences active combat in Italy and France, sometimes dealing with insufficient resources and death along the way.

Yukio Okutsu experiences combat in Southern France and describes the actions surrounding his nomination for the Medal of Honor.

Yukio Okutsu's military service comes to an end and goes home to Hawaii. After a brief stint in the Merchant Marines, he goes to watch making school.

Yukio Okutsu describes his employment after the war, getting married, and his children.


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