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Yonemoto discusses his experiences working in Japan during the post-World War Two occupation. During his assignment he worked in Korea monitoring North Koreans, he also worked in Marshall Island. He also discusses his life after his military in…

Yonemoto talks about his work in the Counterintelligence Corps (CIC) during World War 2 as an interpreter. He was in occupied Japan and discusses his assignments and some of his off duty activities.

Yonemoto discusses his experiences in the Marianas Islands during the Japanese surrender. He was on the Saipan and Tinian islands. He talks about how he was assigned to Japan during the occupation after his work in Marianas was completed.

Yonemoto talks about his early years in Hawaii. He details about how his father worked on a plantation, and gives some insights of plantation life. He also discusses being drafted in the military and his first assignments.
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