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Kaneshiro discusses the reforms that occurred throughout the occupation of Japan and the reconstruction was done throughout the country. Next, he talks about the value of the Nisei linguist throughout the occupation and how it was much easier to do…

Kaneshiro begins the interview talking about his whereabouts when Japan surrendered. As he was already on a ship heading to Manila with the Military Intelligence Service (MIS), he would go to the Philippines first, then head to Tokyo. Once he…

Sameshima discusses about the about the war crime trials. He details about different areas and changes he noticed during the occupation of Japan. Sameshima also discusses about meeting his wife and what made the occupation of Japan successful.

Sameshima discusses about the end of World War Two and arriving in Japan. He details about how he helped and his interactions with Japanese citizens during the occupation of Japan. Sameshima also discusses his experiences in the war crime trials.
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