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Nakamura continues his recollection of his time visiting Hiroshima and how the Japanese there were very welcoming to him. Next, he speaks about his discharge from the Army and staying in Tokyo to work as a civilian. He first joined the Civil…

Oka discusses living in pre-war Japan. He details about his duties while in the Philippines and arriving in Japan. Oka also discusses his duties while in Japan and his interactions with Japanese citizens.

Oka discusses the translation process and helping the Japanese citizens. He details about culture differences and reflects on time that he spent in Japan. Oka also gives advice to the United States Army regarding occupation.

Fukushima talks about his experiences as a youth briefly living in Japan circa 1930; he had lived, and traveled, between Wakayama, Osaka, and Tokyo. He describes cultural differences and similarities between the Japanese and Japanese Americans. He…

Fukushima discusses about his experiences in post-war Japan. He details his interactions with the Japanese civilians. Fukushima also discusses about the importance of Nisei linguist
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