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Sako discusses more about his interactions with the Japanese citizens. He details about his role with the 5250th Technical Intelligence Company. Sako also discusses the Japanese mindset in post-war Japan.

Sako discusses his role in Occupied Japan. He details about learning the Japanese language. Sako also discusses about his interactions with Japanese citizens in post-war Japan.

Ono discusses about being assigned to the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC), CIC training, and gives a brief overview and timeline of his military service. He details about his duties during the Allied Occupation of Japan, interaction with civilians,…

Inami discusses about the effectiveness of Japanese Americans during the Occupation of Japan, loyalty, and visiting Japan post-occupation. He details about the Occupation of Japan. Inami also discusses about his family and the "Zebra platoon".

Inami discusses about his time living in Japan and childhood. He details cultural differences and Japan's surrender. Imani also discusses about his experiences at Fort Snelling, the Nisei mindset, Japanese culture, and Japanese Americans.
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