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Inui discusses about the rebirth of Japan and the successfulness of the Allied Occupation of Japan. He details about occupation and the importance of Nisei linguist. Inui also discusses about his family and shows some photograph.

Inui discusses about his post-war experiences in post-war Japan. He details about his duties with the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) in post-war Japan. Inui also discusses about his civilian work in post-war Japan.

Inui discusses about Military Intelligence Service Language School (MISLS). He details about his experiences in the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). Inui also discusses about his post-war experiences in Japan.

Nishimura discusses his free time, visiting relatives, and contact with Japanese citizens. He discloses why Japan lost the war with the United States and the objective of the bomb survey team. He contributes the success of occupation to the Kibei. …

Nishimura discusses his reaction to landing in Yokohama and duties as part of the bomb survey team in occupation Japan. He shares some interview questions and answers from his survey with women and housewives. Nishimura also recalls the aftermath of…
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