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Scan 75.jpg

Soldiers on military tank driving down a dirt road.
Scan 74.jpg

Three soldiers looking towards water, one soldier with white puppy in his arm and a device (rod) in the other hand.
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Group of soldiers under a large arch with construction scaffolding.
Scan 72.jpg

Soldiers atop a hill with switchback roads visible in the background. Soldiers wearing helmets.
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Soldier in peacoat on cobblestone beach with unknown device in hand.
Scan 70.jpg

Japanese American soldier in work clothes with gear around, soldiers in background crouching over belongings. Likely either unpacking or packing up.
Scan 69.jpg

Two Japanese American soldiers in military vehicle. Identification number of vehicle visible on the front bumper (fender) of the truck.
Scan 68.jpg

Japanese American soldier in work clothes standing in front of a brick wall, grass area above the wall.
Scan 78.jpg

Harada (of Kauai) in ditch with rifle.
Scan 66.jpg

Three Japanese American soldiers with Caucasian female in what seems to be a Women's Army Corps uniform in front of a military truck. One soldier has a camera in hand.
Scan 57.jpg

On reverse, "Left to right, Sot., Kato., Kosuke and myself...taken in Nice, February."
Scan 56.jpg

Harry Fujii with woman in dress on bench. "Harry Fujii, again" written on back.
Scan 55.jpg

Japanese American soldier sitting on bench with dog.
Scan 112.jpg

Dog tag for Sadamu Koito.
Scan 54.jpg

James Kunaya with woman and young girl, woman's back is to the camera, girl is to the right.
Scan 53.jpg

Japanese American soldier with two Italian boys, in the background are oil drums, trees and an illegible sign.
Scan 52.jpg

Soldier with cigarette in front of tall hedge. Shadow of another soldier visible on the bottom right.
Scan 51.jpg

Soldier sitting on corner curb, sign behind and across the street is "mecanique" , mechanic.
Scan 50.jpg

Six Japanese American soldiers at the front door of a casino club. Reverse of photograph says, Fred Arashido, Monaco.
Scan 49.jpg

Soldier, Fujioka, pointing rifle in ditch.
Scan 48.jpg

Soldier with pipe and rifle.
Scan 124.pdf

Letter of condolence to the parents of Sadamu Koito, soldier killed in action. Envelope attached
Scan 123.jpg

Letter of response to Mr. Hinaichi Koito who requested to know more information about circumstances of the death of his son.
Scan 122.jpg

portrait of Sadamu Koito with army soft cap
Scan 121.jpg

Company photograph, Sadamu Koito possibly included.
Scan 118.jpg

Soldier Sadumu Koito posing with hands behind his back in front of barracks.
Scan 117.jpg

Mourning family and friends of soldier killed in action, Sadamu Koito. Casket of Koito is covered in flowers, United States flag to the right.
Scan 115.jpg

Form letter recognizing Sadamu Koito's "devotion and selfless consecration."
Scan 114.jpg

Likely Sadamu Koito's father standing next to his son's urn and surrounded by flora arrangements.
Scan 116.jpg

Funeral marker and floral arrangements for soldier killed in action, Sadamu Koito, Company K, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, killed in France on October 28, 1944.
Scan 111.pdf

Notification of Sadamu Koito's awarded a silver star stating the circumstances of his death during military action. Written by Don E. Carleton, Brigadier General.
Scan 137.jpg

Portrait of Osamu Nakagawa with sergeant insignia and 34th Infantry Division "red bull" patch.
Scan 130.pdf

Program of reunion activities. Cover of the photograph includes several different cartoon dogs and Club 100 seal. Reunion in Hawaii.
Scan 128.pdf

Honorable discharge certificate and form, front and back of the same page. Includes military record of service, Nakagawa was in both the European and Asiatic-Pacific Theatres.
Scan 127.pdf

Certificate of service for Private, Company D, 299th Infantry, Osamu Nakagawa, army identification 30101321. Several signatures and finance office stamp on the document.
Scan 126.pdf

Selective service form includes physical examination, family lineage, education and place of residence. "Copy" on the first page.
Scan 125.pdf

Form letter from the president of the United States to World War II soldier, Osamu Nakagawa. Presidential seal at the top of the document.
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Harry Fujii on left, George Mukai on right, two soldiers embracing, city buildings in background.
Scan 46.jpg

On reverse of image written, "My truck and the gang- a load of wood for some kind of a job." Five Japanese American soldiers around the back of an Army Jeep with a large hill behind.
Scan 45.jpg

Written on reverse of image, "George 'Mirror' Mukai (out front) Hakalau Hawaii, Harry Fujii and truck, and in background Kaz Tanaka, California.
Scan 44.jpg

Soldiers inspecting torpedo with wall in background.
Scan 43.jpg

Japanese American soldier standing with hands in pocket in front of Tower of Pisa.
Scan 42.jpg

Japanese American man wearing double-breasted suit in front of palm bushes and house.
Scan 41.jpg

Soldier standing in front of truck, Truck license plate reads" ENGRS" for engineers.
Scan 110.pdf

Letter is a response to Masao Sato stating that the organization, Native Sons of the Golden West, do not have any "quarrel" with Japanese Americans, but that any Japanese American (Nisei) who is not in the military should not be allowed on the west…
Scan 109.pdf

Form document notifying Sato he has been selected for training in the Army.
Scan 13.jpg

Honorable Discharge certificate for Fujimoto given in Yokohama (Honshu), Japan on November 25, 1946.

Item has fold creases and ink transfer.
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Discharge paper includes details of Fujimoto's military training and service. He was a translator in Japan, serving for sixteen months. He underwent 26 weeks of language training at Fort Snelling.

Document includes thumbprint and signature.
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Certificate of completion of infantry replacement, Company C, 63rd Infantry Training Battalion, 11th Infantry Training Regiment. Special qualification for Rifleman (745). Signed by Bruce Magruder, Major General, Commanding. Training conducted at…
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Department of Selective Service Form 218, stating Hisao "Physically fit, acceptable for general military service."

Some content of the form is redacted with "x" typescript.

Physical examination performed at Local Board No. 3, Oahu County,…
Scan 9.jpg

Form DSS 215 (Department of Selected Service) ordering Hisao to report to Local Board Number 4, at 1108 Pensacola Street, Honolulu on July 1, 1944, signed by Inez Kalua.
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Military discharge record including thumb print. Includes service outside United States. Hisao served in the Asiatic Pacific Theater and EAME, European African Middle Eastern Theatre.
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Record includes summary of military occupations-- supply clerk, guard patrolman, months of service and grade. Hisao ended his service as a supply clerk, Technical Sargent 5.

Back of page includes level of education-- 8th grade, and civilian…
Scan 3.jpg

Confidential memo (not neessarily to Takeski J. Miyagawa) stating that Miyagawa is to be awarded a Bronze Oak Cluster in addition to his Purple Heart for wounds received on June 2, 1944 at Cisterna Italy.
Scan 2-1.pdf

Certification of honorable discharge from 100th Battalion 442nd Infantry Regiment. Discharge given at CPEC Separation Center.

Certificate number 11125. Stamp of benefits eligibility at the bottom left with application number.

R.E. Kries,…
Scan 1.jpg

Hawaiian birth certificate, birth date November 10, 1915. Applicant no. 2058, certificate no. 14539. Residing at Puunene, Maui, Territory of Hawaii, with photograph. Miyagawa looks to be a young child in the photograph.

Back of certificate…

Ikeda discusses his journey back home. He details about his career after being discharged from the army. Ikeda also discusses about his life after retirement and the legacy of Nisei veterans.

Ikeda discusses his journey to Camp Shelby and his experiences while there. He details about the voyage overseas and about the short time he spent in Africa. Ikeda also discusses about his experiences in the European Theatre.

Ikeda discusses his family and his childhood in Hawaii. He details about Pearl Harbor and the aftermath from it. Ikeda also discusses about enlisting into the service.
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