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85A: Japanese American man in the snow. 85B: Japanese American man in the snow. 85C: five Japanese American men and one women standing in a park. 85D: Two Caucasian American men and one woman. 85E: Tsukiyama seated at a desk. 85F: Close-up of…
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Two photographs of officers and/or non-commissioned officers. Tsukiyama in a military truck. Several officers and civilian officials addressing a crowd.
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Photographs of soldiers and civilians at a luau.
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Two photographs of men in jungle or forest. Group of Japanese American women on steps. Large outdoor group of diners, Caucasian and Japanese American.
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Three Japanese American men. Caucasian American soldier, with tow women in background (from behind). Group of young Asian people with seated Caucasian American soldiers.
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Two Caucasian men and one Caucasian woman in front of house. Five winter scenes: five people seated in toboggan, Tsukiymama holding snowball, five people playing in the snow.

Toke Yonekawa describes his childhood growing up with his mother, stepfather, and siblings in a multiracial neighborhood in Guadalupe, California. He talks about what it was like growing up in the Depression and how everyone he knew were in a similar…

Giovanna discusses some of the cultural differences she experienced with husband: food, language, social customs, and child rearing. She talks about her, and her husband lives pre-world war 2. She also shares anecdotes regarding: her adult children,…
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