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Letter includes envelope from Salt Lake City to Camp Savage.

Letter from Mich Katayama, sister of Jerry Katayama. Mich is to discuss family insurance, to make sure he is well, give him news about their brother Yaro who had the flu, and to make…

Card with an image of a woman on a ladder shelving books with her dress caught on a rung and her stockings shown, text on the bottom reads, "One for the books." Letter from Sybil. She identifies as a librarian in Long Beach; possibly a romantic…

Photographs of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu standing next to an automobile in Los Angeles.

Group photograph of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu with friends, sitting at a dinner table at Charlies Restaurant in Minneapolis.

Top left photograph of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu holding a baby, Francesca. Bottom right photograph of Mary holding the same baby with friend, Sione.

Single top right photograph of George Shimizu playing baseball in Mindanao,…

Group photograph of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu and friends seated at a table at Charlies Restaurant in Minneapolis.

Photographs of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu. One photographs is missing from the page.

Top left photograph is missing from the page.

Top and middle photographs of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu. Bottom two photographs are portraits of George Shimizu when he was stationed in Mindanao, Philippines during World War II.

Top photograph of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu's friend standing next to a tree in front of a house. Bottom photograph of Yamamoto Shimizu next to a tree in front of a house.

Photographs of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu friends. Captions on the images of their names and salutation lines.

Full-length portrait of Mary with an inscription, "To my darling" and "with all of my love, Mary." Additional caption on the page.

Photographs of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu in front of her house.

Photographs taken on the University of Minnesota campus. Top photograph of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu and friend standing outside in overcoats. Bottom photograph of Mary Yamamoto and friend in Union Hall.

Trip to Heart Mountain. Photographs of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu posing with two friends, Yuki and Amy in a natural landscape.

Mary Yamamoto Shimizu with two friends at a homestead in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Captions on all images.

"Toyo and Amy" friends of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu in the snow in Denver, Colorado.

Top left photograph of young man in military casuals, addressed to Mary Yamamoto Shimizu. Top right photograph of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu. Bottom left photograph of Yamamoto Shimizu with three friends in Denver. Bottom right photograph of Yamamoto…

Top two photographs of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu's friends in Denver. Bottom left photograph of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu with her friend, Nancy. Bottom right photograph, addressed to Mary, of her friend Gertrude in New Hampshire.

Top photograph of Japanese American woman reading letters on the grass. Right photograph of Japanese American woman holding a cat. Left photograph of two Japanese American women accompanied by two children.

Top two photographs of Mary Yamamot Shimizu in business attire. Bottom photograph of George Shimizu with army buddies overseas in Mindanao.

Top left photograph of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu and friends at the beach. Top middle and right photograph depict three Japanese American women riding bicylces. Middle left photograph of young woman at the beach, and middle right photograph of Mary…

Two Japanese American women in front of brick buildings and automobiles. Images depict a sense of travel or leisure.

Photographs depict Japanese American women in formal attire. Captioned "Coeds."

Top left photograph of Caucasian woman standing in front of a brick building. Top and middle right photographs of a group of Japanese American women in formal attire. Bottom two photographs of a group of young adults at the "Pomona Fair."
Tsukiyama_72 .jpg

Single photograph of three Japanese American women sitting outside.
Tsukiyama_67 .jpg

Photographs of soldiers and civilians at a luau.
Tsukiyama_64 .jpg

Two photographs of men in jungle or forest. Group of Japanese American women on steps. Large outdoor group of diners, Caucasian and Japanese American.
Tsukiyama_21 .jpg

Two photographs of a cabin. Photograph of road. Photograph of coastline. Four outdoor group photographs: three seated Japanese American women, two Caucasian women and a Japanese man, two Caucasian women and two Japanese American women holding a…
Tsukiyama_18 .jpg

Japanese American couple leaning against railing, likely Tsukiyama. Japanese American woman seated in front of window. Japanese American couple standing in front of railing. Soldiers marching in formation, holding weapons.
Tsukiyama_12 .jpg

Three portraits of young adult Japanese American women, presumably Ted Tsukiyama's sisters. Signature stylized portrait taken from below face level is present here and seen throughout the album.
Tsukiyama_11 .jpg

Four photographs, one with Tsukiyama holding a model airplane. Three photographs of women, presumably his sisters.

Unknown Caucasian woman standing in front of an airplane; photograph taken in low light with deep shadows.

Left photograph: 1945. Baby Christine playing on her toy lawnmower on the lawn outside of what seems to be the Ushiyama family home; Right photograph: Betty against the side of brick building.

Top row, left: Diet [Dietitian] Kitchen picnic, Denver General; Top row, right: Denver General, Mormon Hospital Student Nurses, Mrs. Hall;

Bottom row, left: Ruth Tobian. Little Rock, Arkansas. Denver General Hospital, 1943; Bottom row, middle…

Top row, left: "Denver General student nurses 1944. Glenis John, 7th Day Adventist Eckland, Kansas Hospital" Tanji and other nurses on grass; Top row, middle: Mary Tanji standing on brick ledge; Top row, right: Mary Tanji on grass with other…

Top row left to right, "Always, Ester" written on image. Esther carrying books; portrait of Betty Jeanne, two portraits of Mary Tanji; Children on front steps of a house.

Bottom row, Mary Tanji next to a car, 1943.

Images of Mary Tanji in uniform. Image of the facade of a home.

Oda describes the facilities and services of Manzanar. She talks about how she met her husband, and gives some background information about him. In addition, she talks about her experiences living in Japan during the occupation and her life after…

Oda provides substantial information regarding her family of origin. She talks about her mother's higher education in Japan, and how her father settled in California; she also shares details of her siblings growing up. In addition, Oda provides…

Okada describes details of the work he did in Occupied Japan in both military and civilian jobs. He talks about how his wife and mother moved to Japan to live with him. He shares anecdotes regarding: social activities he participated in; language…

Giovanna discusses her husband's family's reaction to their intercultural marriage. She talks about cultural differences between Italy and Japan. She also shares concluding thoughts on maintaining a successful marriage.

Giovanna discusses some of the cultural differences she experienced with husband: food, language, social customs, and child rearing. She talks about her, and her husband lives pre-world war 2. She also shares anecdotes regarding: her adult children,…

Fujimori discusses meeting his wife. He talks more about practicing Judo, and what it meant to be Japanese American. At the end of this section, he talks of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
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