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T. Yoshihashi talks about his final military experiences and his discharge. He discusses his affairs when he returned to the United States. He also talks about his wife and children.

W. Kohashi discusses his life post-war in Hawaii. He talks about his employment history and family. He also talks about a 1946 tidal wave that demolished the Shinmachi neighborhood.

In this segment, Matsuji "Mut" Sakumoto discusses a variety of topics, including family, post-war activities, and his career working overseas. Specifically, Sakumoto discusses his feelings on General Dahlquist before concluding on his war…

In this segment, Matsuji Sakumoto begins by introducing himself and proceeds to describe his childhood home in Hawaii. He also discusses a variety of other topics, including school, his family, and different activities he participated in as a child.…

Fujimori continues to talk about his experience as a carpenter. He discusses Go For Broke [National Education Center], and offers his thoughts about the events of September 11th (9/11). He ends with a message to future generations.

Fujimori talks about his homecoming from Japan. He goes on to talk about his work experience as a carpenter, including building furniture for Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Mansion.

Kawamoto talks about growing up in Hawaii and his life before the war. He also recalls seeing the bombing of Pearl Harbor and his reasons for enlisting in the army.

Higa recalls returning to Hawaii after being discharged from service. He returned home to finish high school, then became a butcher. He then returned to school to earn his accounting degree, after marrying his wife and having two sons. He presents a…

Minori Sueda talks about his job post-war and how he met his wife. He explains why he thinks it is important for people to know the role of Japanese-America soldiers in World War II.

Minori Sueda recalls his reaction to Pearl Harbor and joining the military. He also talks about volunteering for the 232nd Combat Engineer Unit, basic training, and additional engineer training at Camp Shelby.
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