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Kaida met Katayama in Korea where he was employed as a translator by an intelligence attachment. Kaida updates Katayama on his personal life, his family, and lesser, the state of the country, Japan.

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Letter of thanks to Walter Tanaka for registering him, as well as an overview of topics at the Kiska Veterans Society Reunion, held on October 20, 1991 at Maizuru Naval Port. Including Individuals mentioned by name are former Lieutenant David M.…

Kenichi "Ken" Nakagawa shares his family's history, his recollection of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and martial law conditions, particularly for Americans of Japanese descent, on Hawaii after the attack. He also goes into volunteering for the Kiawa…

Tanaka discusses his military experiences in Occupied Japan. He talks about cave flushing, working in Saipan, and sightseeing in Japan during his off time. He also talks about his return to Hawaii and his military discharge.
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