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Kondo V-mail letter 007.pdf

Kondo writes to his sister, Misa, while on a break from the fighting on the front lines. He writes about being reviewed by King George and General Mark Clark, and enjoying the evening entertainment every night.

Front row, L to R: pianist Tec 5 Roy Endo, leader and vocalist Tec 5 Harold Noguchi, guitarist Tec 5 Larry Tamanaha, reed section Tec 5 George Suzuki, reed section Tec5 James Araki, reed section Tec 5 Tom Sasaki, and reed section Pfc Tosh Makishima.…

The Army Band. Takeshi (Tak) Shindo in front row, second to the left, playing the saxophone.

Takeshi (Tak) Shindo playing the clarinet with the army band.

Sakamoto discusses his experiences while being in the regimental band. He details about his life after being discharged. Sakamoto also discusses the plane crash at Camp Beale and seeing the unveiling of the Civil Liberties Monument.
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