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Kimoto details how he ended up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Kimoto discusses how he occasionally gets lost. He also discusses the lessons learned from the way the Japanese Americans were treated during World War Two.

Kimoto discusses how he went blind. Kimoto details how he met his wife and some of the adversity he faced for being Japanese. He also discusses he career as a Fuller Brush Man.

Kimoto discusses the relationship among the Hawaiians and the Mainlanders, as well as the relationship with the officers. Kimoto also details about arriving in Italy and his early combat experiences in Italy. He discusses the realities of war.

Kimoto details the process of volunteering for The 442nd. Kimoto discusses his journey from Hawaii to San Fransisco and from San Fransisco to Mississippi. He also discusses about his time at Camp Shelby and in Mississippi.

Kimoto discusses his experience with Japanese Language School. Kimoto details about finding out about Pearl Harbor and the aftermath. He also discusses about his experiences with the Kibei.

Kimoto continues to discuss life on coffee farms and sugar plantations. Kimoto details more about his family life. He also discusses his education experiences and one of his favorite teachers.

Kimoto discusses his family. He also details about life growing on coffee farms and sugar plantations.
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