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Raymond Shigenaga and W.M Seiji standing outside of armory.

"The Gang." Gerries beyond the mountains. Group of Nisei soldiers leisurely sitting on the side of the road. Half of the men are using their helmets as stools to sit on. Hills are seen in the background.

Tamai and Sam Sakai standing together next to a scrap pile and abandoned building. The hills and mountains are seen in the background behind Tamai and Sakai.

"Gerries" (Germans) in the hills and mountains. The hills and mountains are seen in the background behind Robert Ichikawa and Sam Sakai.

Head shot of Robert Ichikawa with Med Oura in the background. Ichikawa and Oura are in front of a stone wall.

Robert Ichikawa holding a belt of machine gun bullets around his neck. Ichikawa is standing in front of an army supply garage.

Robert Ichikawa standing with two mules carrying supplies next to a building. Ichikawa is wearing his military uniform and helmet.

Raymond Shigenaga (left) and Robert Ichikawa (right) all smiles. Both are wearing their army helmets.
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