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Letter includes envelope from Salt Lake City to Camp Savage.

Letter from Mich Katayama, sister of Jerry Katayama. Mich is to discuss family insurance, to make sure he is well, give him news about their brother Yaro who had the flu, and to make…

Bothwell speaks of his time in New York and the New England area and his life as a civilian. He speaks about finding employment and his near hire at California-Texas Oil Company. He also speaks about his desire to go to Harvard Business School.


Short letter expressing well-wishes, thanks, a missed meeting with a Mr. Hashimoto and a lost package.

Envelope is addressed from Tokyo to Salt Lake City.

Card with an image of a woman on a ladder shelving books with her dress caught on a rung and her stockings shown, text on the bottom reads, "One for the books." Letter from Sybil. She identifies as a librarian in Long Beach; possibly a romantic…

Sugimoto writes to Katayama about work in an electronics plant and his ambitions in foreign trade.

Masada writes that he did not pass an examination, presumably to continue work with the United States military in Japan. He writes he is leaving to Tattori for employment.

Transcription of this letter is attached to the item.

Kaida met Katayama in Korea where he was employed as a translator by an intelligence attachment. Kaida updates Katayama on his personal life, his family, and lesser, the state of the country, Japan.

Transcription is attached to this item.

Letter identifies Japanese families in Utah and Idaho. Motoruki writes that he misses Katayama and is happy to have his friendship. He asks about a photograph taken of him and Dr. Kajiwara at the Okitsu Station (a train station). He asks Katayama to…
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