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The Infantry Replacement Training Center certificate presented to Technical Sarget 5 Gilbert T. Tanji for special training as a rifleman at Camp Blanding, Florida from April 10, 1944 to June 3, 1944.

Anacostia Naval Air Station. Technical Air Intelligence Center (TAIC), US Naval Air Station. Gilbert Tanji and Gio Nawa are identified in the image. Written on the back of the photograph: "Sept. 1945, TAIC, Anacostia DC, US Naval Air Station."

Group photograph at the air base. Tanji and Private Freiden are identified in the image.

Nisei Picnic. 6-22-45. Washington, DC. On back of photograph: Stamped by Life Photograph- "This photograph is owned by Life Magazine published by Time Incorporated, Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center New York 20, N.Y."

Gilbert T. Tanji with Mary, his wife.

Album page with four photographs of military airplanes

Top row, left. Zeke (Zero) and Messerschmitt 109. Anacostia, DC;
Top row, right. Zeke (Zero) with United States markings, Kate (Bomber), and Baka (Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka) . Anacostia,…

Top photograph description (photograph missing): Betty (Bomber) Display; Bottom photograph: Zeke (Zero) engine on Test Stand.

Gary Tanji (4th from right) with other Japanese American soldiers.

Page 72 of Gilbert T. Tanji, Military Intelligence Service Photograph album, 1 photograph.

Top photograph: T.A.I.C. [Technical Air Intelligence Center] II aircraft. Written on image back: "CO-6."; Bottom photograph: Cartoon Donald Duck carrying the remains of a Japanese fighter aircraft in a T.A.I.C. [Technical Air Intelligence Center]…

Top photograph: the nose of a United States military aircraft, parked on an airfield runway. Bottom photograph: two men fixing the propeller of a United States aircraft.

Aircraft parked on runway or airfield

Military aircraft being repaired. Several mechanics present in the photograph, a man is sitting in cockpit. On back of photograph: "BVA 124886."

United States military aircraft. Written on back of photograph: "B-3-12." One aircraft with TAIC, Technical Air Intelligence Unit.

Top row, left: United States Capitol Building, view from left. Top row, middle: US Capitol Building, view from left. Top row, right: "Freiden, 1944. Stacking some wooden crates." Left column: The US Capitol Building, view from left. Corner left: "The…

Top row, left: The Washington Monument; Top row, middle: Irving Freiden. Two soldiers walking away from the Abraham Lincoln Memorial; Top row, right: Statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.

Bottom row, left Unknown church…

Unknown Caucasian woman standing in front of an airplane; photograph taken in low light with deep shadows.

Three photographs of a small potluck, with what seems to be army friends and children. A house and several cars are seen in the background.

Left: Farmer on a tractor by fields; Middle : Farmer driving tractor, pulling plow behind; Right: Japanese American farmer with woman (presumably his wife and dog in an orchard. Sedan car in background.

Left photograph: 1948.Child identified as "Dean" sitting on a motorcycle; Right photograph: Unidentified young woman sitting on a motorcycle.

Top row, left: "Christmas Morning, 1949" children and parents, children playing with toys including a train set. Top row, right:" 1949 Halloween," children and man on porch with a carved pumpkin.

Bottom row, left: "Gary's first birthday, 1949, …

Left : "Gary's 1st Birthday," Gary squatting next to a cake on a porch. Right: 1947. "Dean and Ron" Yoshiro playing with a wagon in a yard.

Top row, left: "Dean- 15 days old.[Mary Tanji] holding baby Dean next to a palm tree;" Top row, middle: "Little Geri playing with her toy tractor in the dirt;" Top row, right: "1949- Halloween/" Child in middle holds a Jack-o'-lantern on his head;…

Top: Dean's 4th birthday, Dean blowing out the candles on his birthday cake. Whole family, including [Mary & Gilbert Tanji] and grandparents, at dinner table; Bottom: Dean cutting the first slice of cake. Grandparents watching.

Tanji Family photograph: Mary and Gilbert Tanji holding their three children, Dean, Gary, and Geraldine.

Written on back of photo: "Mary- 4 1/2 size please."

Photographs show the Tanji family in front of a house and in a field.

Top row, left : 1947. Family portrait. Gilbert and Mary Tanji standing behind parents sitting in chairs. Parents are holding Tanji grandchildren; Top row, middle: Gilbert and…

Photographs are in color.

Top row left,: [Mr. Ushiyama] in the flower garden outside his home; Top row, middle: [The Ushiyama Family]; Top row, right: [The Ushiyama Family] in front of their home.

Middle row, left: Gilbert and Mary Tanji in…

Left photograph: 1945. Baby Christine playing on her toy lawnmower on the lawn outside of what seems to be the Ushiyama family home; Right photograph: Betty against the side of brick building.

Photographs seem to be at a park-like environment.

Top row, left photograph: 1945. Harold Fudema; Top row, middle: Ken Hanaguchi; Top row, right: Willie Kimota.

Bottom row, left: Ken Hanaguchi and Willie Kimota sitting on grassy hill; Bottom…

Images taken in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Top row, left: 1945. Jim, Mary Jean [Sakarai] and Lydia on grass; Top row, middle (missing) image with "video" written in it's place: Lydia, Oscar and Mary Jean [Sakarai]; Top row, right: Mary Jean Sakarai…

Portrait studio image of Mary Jean [Sakarai], 1945, possibly between five and nine months.

Top row, left photograph: Medical nurse in full attire; Top row, middle: [Mary & Gilbert Tanji] at the top of the Empire State building, Oct. 1945; Top row, right: Sargent Fujimoto and sister;

Bottom row, left: Nurses having a picnic on the grass…

Top row, left: Mrs. Lyl Barak, Head Dietitian, Glen Lake Sanatorium; Top row, middle: Gilbert [Tanji]; Top row, right and bottom row left, Mary and Gilbert [Tanji] on the porch of a bed and breakfast;

Bottom row, middle: Mary Sakai. Written on…

Top row, left: Diet [Dietitian] Kitchen picnic, Denver General; Top row, right: Denver General, Mormon Hospital Student Nurses, Mrs. Hall;

Bottom row, left: Ruth Tobian. Little Rock, Arkansas. Denver General Hospital, 1943; Bottom row, middle…

Top row, left: "Denver General student nurses 1944. Glenis John, 7th Day Adventist Eckland, Kansas Hospital" Tanji and other nurses on grass; Top row, middle: Mary Tanji standing on brick ledge; Top row, right: Mary Tanji on grass with other…

Top row, left: Ken Sumita; top row, middle: Clarice Matsuda, handwritten on image, "To Gilbert, Sincerely yours, Clarice" top row, right: Nobuko Kobayashi standing next to a sundial. handwritten on photo: "Nobuko Yamasake Kobayashi."

Bottom row,…

Top row, left:" Mom [Gilbert Tanji's mother] and Marry Sakai", top row, middle, Joseph Makata; top row, right, Mary Shige and Lucy Kishi standing by a young tree. Images possibly captured from within American Concentration Camp; barracks in…

Top row, left: Kishi Family; top row, middle: Mary Sakai, handwritten on image: "Best wishes, Mary Sakai"; top row, right: Mary Sakai, handwritten on image, "Most smilingly, Mary." Photographs show barracks in the background, presumably of an…

Top row, left: Takako Tankioka kneeling by a young tree; top row, middle (missing): Shoji, Tanji; top row, right: Kiyoshi and Galen Ozawa;

Bottom row, left: Mary Sakai standing by a tree, written on image: "Gilbert, Mary"; bottom row, middle…

Top row, left photograph: Grayce Ishizaki standing against wall of a building; top row, middle: Grayce [Ishizaki]; Top row, right: "kids" standing against side of the building.

Bottom row, left: "Sachi and Jerry Terai" Sachi holding baby Jerry…

Top row, left photograph: Miss Ozawa playing with her stuffed animal; Top row, middle photograph: Miss Takeoka looking unhappy in her overalls; Top row, right photograph: Galen, May and unknown boy standing against a building.

Bottom row, left :…

Larger photograph on left: Mary & Gilbert Tanji. Dietetic intern. 1944-1945 Rochester, Minnesota.

Top right: Two unknown female nurses; Bottom right: Denver General Student nurse, Ruth Tobian.

Top row, left: Gilbert Tanji [in Rochester, Minnesota]; top row, right: Gilbert [Tanji in Rochester, Minnesota].

Bottom row, left photograph: Shizuo Tsujihara; bottom row, middle: Sgt [Sergeant]. Shirai in front of the barracks. written on image…

Three photographs of Gilbert Tanji in front of a building in Rochester, Minnesota in uniform.

One militaryportrait of Private Arnold Ohki with message, "To Gilbert, Sincerely Private Arnold Ohki."

Top row, left image of Katsutoshi Tabata in uniform on the balcony of a building with the Empire State Building in the background. Written on the image, "To my barracks pal Tanji, always Katsutoshi."

Top row right, image missing, written on page,…

Top row, left: Oscar [Tanji] eating a snack in the kitchen; top row, second left: Oscar and May [Tanji] sitting on a small rock; top row, second right: Oscar [Tanji] sitting on a wooden post; top row, right: Gilbert Tanji in uniform.

Bottom row,…

Top row, left (missing): Tanji Family, top row, middle: "Mom and Gilbert" Tanji; top row, right (missing): "Tanji Family, 5NH8E" written on the page.

Bottom row, left (missing): Oscar [Tanji]; bottom row, middle: Oscar [Tanji]; bottom row, right:…

Top row, left: James Tanji on the Rockefeller Center Roof Studio in New York. Written on photo: "Gil & Mary"; top row, right: "Base Headquarters, Bolling Field, D.C."

Bottom row, left: [Frudin] and Robert holding newborn baby. 1947; bottom row,…

Images on this page captured on Bolling Field, Washington D.C.

Top row, left to right: main barracks at Bolling Field. image missing, "run way" replaced with a note "scan."

Middle row, left to right: Gilbert Tanji, soldiers Brevard and Jones,…

Photographs taken at cherry blossom trees. Images possibly captured at a cherry blossom festival.

Top row, left to right: Gilbert and Mary Tanji, Mary Tanji, Gilbert Tanji next to a crowd, Gilbert Tanji in uniform.

Middle row, left to right:…

Photos on this page taken in Washington, D.C. at Tidal Basin on March 25, 1945

Top row, left to right: Jefferson Memorial across the basin; Washington Monument, hidden by the fog; Jefferson Memorial across the basin; Washington Monument up…

Images of Mary and Gilbert Tanji in Washington, DC and with a puppy in a grass area.

Images of Shira Enmoto, Ben Sumita, Gilbert Tanji and Mary Tanji near the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

Most of the photos on this page taken in Chicago, Illinois.

Top row: Photographs of the Phillips family, including Marsha Phillips with Mary Tanji.

Bottom row: Young ladies posing for a photograph with trees behind; Gilbert Tanji and Mary…

Top row, Gilbert Tanji at Lake Minetonka, St. Paul, Minnesota. Unknown woman in a flower dress.

Bottom row, Gilbert Tanji on grass, and next to Mary Tanji's purse and small umbrella.

Images from Camp Blanding, Florida.

Top row, left missing with text "photo album for memorial." Top row right, Gilbert Tanji and Nishimoto with bayonet sitting in front of barracks.

Bottom row, left to right: Gilbert Tanji with bayonet;…

Top row, left to right: Mary and Gilbert Tanji standing in a snow-covered field; Mary Tanji holding Gilbert Tanji's military portrait; Gilbert Tanji in military training attire.

Bottom row, left to right: Marty Tanji with friends at a ranch,…

Ushimaya family photographs.

Top row left to right: Family portrait, 1945; George Ushiyama; Ushiyama family; Three (3) Ushiyama sisters, Mary Tanji holding family dog; Some family members and Mary Tanji.

Middle row, left to right: Amy Ushiyama;…

Top row left to right, "Always, Ester" written on image. Esther carrying books; portrait of Betty Jeanne, two portraits of Mary Tanji; Children on front steps of a house.

Bottom row, Mary Tanji next to a car, 1943.

At the top of the page, "Watanabe and Uno's Wedding,"

Images of the wedding. Last image on the page (left to right), group biking at Hains Point.

Images captured at Hains Point, Washington, DC.

Top row, left to right: "Shuzy Hiroska" and friends laying on grass; Three young Japanese American women riding bikes at Hains Point

Bottom row, Two young Japanese American women laying on grass;…

Photographs on this page are captured in New York City. All parties are in formal or dress-ware. Gilbert and Shige are in formal military uniforms.

Top row, left to right: Tai, Gilbert, and Julia; Gilbert, Masao, Tai, Julia, Aiko; Tai, "Gil",…

Top row, three photographs of baby "Judy White" in her crib.

Bottom row, left image of baby Clifton Uyematsu, on image "To Tilbert and Mary, Clifton."

Bottom row, right, baby Judy White in crib.

Photos on this page taken at Glen Lake Sanatorium, Oak Terrace, Minnesota.

Top left to right: Dede helping Mary up from the ice; Top: Mary in hat and scarf; Mary & Gilbert in the snow.

Row 2, left. Mary Tanji laughing, Mary Tanji in nurse…

Photographs captured at Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis. Gilbert Tanji is in uniform.

Mary and Gilbert Tanji at the lake.

Top row, left to right: Frank Okada in snow with pipe, signed photograph, "Sincerely, Frank C. Okada", Henry Nakakihara making a snowball, Shirai in long overcoat, Mitsuo Useri standing on rock.

Bottom row, left to right: Tony Sunemoto, signed…

Gilbert Tanji and other Japanese American soldiers in uniform, likely at a basic training facility. Named soldiers are: Mas Terai, Tony Sunamoto. Other soldiers identified by surname: Kubota and Akiyama.

Some images are signed by soldiers.

Photographs of Gilbert Tanji and other Japanese American soldiers. Soldiers who are identified by surname are: Sunamoto, Akiyama, Tabata and Kubata. Soldier identified by first and last name, Taki Matsushita.

Images are captured in snow, likely…

Casual and social portraits of Japanese American soldiers in snow, likely in basic training. Soldiers named are: Tony Sunamoto, Frank Okada.

Other names are indistinguishable, but written on the album page.

Top row, left photograph: Tony…

Images capture Japanese American soldiers at Camp Savage in uniform and in barracks in casual activity. Soldiers identified are: Gilbert Tanji, Harry Akune, Lawrence Matsura and Henry Nakakihara.

Images captured at Camp Savage. Japanese American soldiers identified are: Henry Kakakihara, Walter Sato and Gilbert Tanji.

Three unidentified soldiers also in images.

Gilbert and Mary Tanji with an identified Japanese American soldier, "Jimmy" and Gilbert and Aki Matsushita.

Casual photographs captured in a grass area, one image of Mary Tanji may be not have been captured on the same days as the other images.

Images of Harry Fukayama, and "Miwako", Gilbert Tanji and Mary Tanji. Images are casual, in a park setting. Not all images have been captured on the same day.

Images depict Mary and Gilbert Tanji and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fukayama. Images are taken at a park-like setting.

Images of Mary Tanji in uniform. Image of the facade of a home.

Snow-covered building in Rochester, Minnesota. Right image missing, in it's place "Tanji video" written. Image description, "Camp Blanding, Florida" April 20, 1944

Mary Tanji in her nurse uniform. Unknown snow-covered town in other images, possibly Rochester, Minnesota. Bottom, right photograph missing.

Images of Gilbert and Mary Tanji in front of a home. Mary and Gilbert wearing their uniforms: nurse and soldier. Second image of Mary in skirt and blouse next to a tree and in front of a home.

Text handwritten on back of image, "In our working clothes, we are [left to right]"

Front [row]: Sasaki, Hawaii; Okada, Hawaii; ME, Colorado; Iouichi [unclear], California.; "2nds" [Second row]: Takenaka (Hawaii), Tsuda (California), Nakagawa…
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