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Black and white copy of memorandum from Captain George K. Anderson with orders from Lieutenant Colonel Hosterman for the 441st Counter Intelligence Corps. Soldiers are: John Gibo, Arthur Imamura, Kiyoshi Ito, Shozo Kajiwara, Shunichi Kitamura, Tooru…

Seven men standing in kitchen. Caption identifies men, left to right as: cook, Bill, Paul, Tom, Harold, Carson and Dave. Image is a black and white photocopy; location of original image is unknown.

Copy of photograph depicting guests at "Major Dalton's birthday party." Individuals in photograph are identified as: Victor Kramalski, Dave Arseneaux, Yamasaki, "Doctor", Lieutenant Joseph Carson, Captain Kronkite, Ralph Iwamoto, Judge Halhatanaka,…

Two photographs on page depicting Ralph Shigeto Iwamoto, 441st Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment soldier, on charge of quarters (CQ) duty and sitting next to a floor heater as described in photographic captions.

Copies of three photographs on a page depicting a parade in Tokyo, including female military personnel.

Copies of two black and white photographs on a single page, depicting General McArthur reviewing troops at the Imperial Palace grounds in Tokyo, Japan. Second photograph has typescript notation, "American Independence Day in Tokyo, July 1, 1947. …

Copy of four black and white photographs on page. Captions describe images as: Military Intelligence Service soldiers in front of Nippon Yusen Kaisha building; Japanese shoeshine children on building steps; 441st Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC),…

Copy of three black and white photographs on page. Allied Forces in formation and marching at the Imperial Palace Grounds, Tokyo, Japan in March/April 1947 for inspection by General MacArthur as written on the page. Location of original photographs…

Copy of three black and white photographs on page. Military Intelligence Service (MIS) soldiers on a coffee break at the Nippon Yuzen Kaisha building (NYK) in Tokyo, Japan; aerial photograph of Military Intelligence Service soldiers marching to…
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