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Morihiro discusses his childhood and family. He details about his experiences with discrimination. He also discusses about Executive Order 9066 and the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.

Morihiro discusses his memories from Puyallup and Minidoka. He details about his journey to the army. Morihiro also reads a letter written by his father.

Morihiro discusses V-mail and the realities of war. He details about his journey to Camp Shelby and his experiences at Camp Shelby. Morihiro also discusses discrimination.

Morihiro discusses the relationship Mainland soldiers and Hawaiian soldiers. He details about his journey to the front line. Morihiro also discusses his experiences during the Champagne Campaign.

Morihiro discusses more about the Champagne Campaign and his other combat experiences. He details about how he got wounded and the aftermath. Morihiro also discusses Shiro Kashino.

Morihiro discusses fear, how to over it, and his mindset during the war. He details about how a friend got captured and the treatment of prisoners of war. Morihiro also discusses The Gothic Line and Po Valley.

Morihiro discusses more about The Gothic Line and Po Valley. He details how war can affect a person and the role of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Morihiro also discusses his post-war experiences in Italy and learning about Japan's surrender.

Morihiro discusses his careers after he left military. He gives details about the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR). Morihiro also discusses redress and gives a message to future generations.

Morihiro discusses a story about E Company's first combat experience. He details about his speech on Shiro Kashino. Morihiro also goes through the Go For Broke book pointing out details.

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