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Akama discusses his prefecture origin and family. He details about his childhood, upbringing, and schooling. Akama also discusses about his social activities.

Akama discusses barefoot football league and rival teams. He details about his educational experiences. Akama discusses about Pearl Harbor, its aftermath, joining the military, and basic training.

Akama discusses being in a segregated unit and experiencing discrimination. He recalls going overseas and shares his wartime experiences in the European Theater. Akama discusses about his time in Italy.

Akama discusses the difficulties of battle, his duties, and replacements. He recalls the Italian language, native foods, and the civilians. Akama also discusses about his post-war experiences in Italy.

Akama discusses his homecoming. He details about his post-war employment. Akama describes meeting his wife and raising a family. Akama shares photographs he took during the war and post-war.
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