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Nakamura discusses about his family and childhood. He details about food and his family home. Nakamura also discusses about friends, his neighborhood, and schooling.

Nakamura discusses about sports, religion, career aspirations, and attending college. He details about Peal Harbor, its aftermath, and details about the events before military service. Nakamura also discusses about getting drafted, going to Camp…

Nakamura discusses about his experiences at Fort Snelling and traveling. He details about his assignment and experiences in post-war Japan. Nakamura also discusses about his family in Japan.

Nakamura discusses about his family in Japan, visiting Hiroshima, and his experiences in Japan. He details about coming home, going to college, and his career. Nakamura also discusses about his wife, baseball, and gives a message to future…

Nakamura gives a message to his family. He gives his closing remarks and relatives that served in the military. Nakamura also discusses photographs.
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