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Gustafson discusses growing in Illinois in a farming community. His father is well known surgeon. Gustafson shares who are his favorite teachers in school and playing golf. He continues his education after high school by joining the Reserve Officer…

Gustafson discusses military school and graduating from Reserve Officer Training Corps and going to Camp Shelby to be with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. He details about discrimination in the military by sharing Lieutenant Yanamura's experiences…

Gustafson discusses Anzio Beach, first combat and casualties. He also recalls the Gothic Line, Bruyeres, and the Lost Battalion. Gustafson also discusses about getting injured and trench feet.

Gustafson discusses losing men and the restructure of the division. He details about close combat with German soldiers and when the German soldiers surrender. Gustafson discusses a story about crabs and other wartime shares, and his promotion.

Gustafson discusses joining the American Graves Registration Committee looking for missing in action soldiers. He details about his experiences during the Vietnam War. Gastafson discusses about his post-military life and employment.
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