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Tsukahara discusses his family and childhood. He delivers newspapers to help the family. In high school he is in Reserve Training Officer Corps. After high school graduation he attend junior college for 2 years before moving to Los…

Tsukahara discusses what Little Tokyo is like in the 1930's. He details about December 7 and its aftermath. Tsukahara discusses forced removal and going to Santa Anita Temporary Detention Center.. He illustrates the living conditions and the…

Tsukahara discusses being inducted in to the Army and basic training. He explains the difference in the types of mines and his mission. Tsukahara discusses about his travel overseas and landing in Europe.

Tsukahara discusses being a glider and supporting the ground troops in combat. Tsukahara discusses getting injured and being hospitalized. He details about rescue of The Lost Battalion and the casualties. Tsukahara discusses about coming home.

Tsukahara discusses his experiences in Europe and being injured. He details about his post-war life, employment, and family. He also has a few words for the future generation.
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