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Kurata discusses his parents and his other family members. He also details what it was like growing up in Lodi, California. Kurata discusses his educational experiences.

Kurata discusses the difference between Rural Nisei and Urban Nisei. He details trying to volunteer for the army. Kurata discusses being forced removed and his journey to Rohwer.

Kurata discusses life in the Rohwer Concentration Camp. He details he draft experience and his thoughts on the 442nd. Kurata also discusses how he ended up in the Counter Intelligence Corps.

Kurata continues to explain the training for the Counter Intelligence Corps. He details being assigned and what his arrival in Japan was like. Kurata discusses his duties while stationed in Japan.

Kurata continues to explain working in Chiba. He discusses more about the time spent in Japan, including the problem with communism. Kurata details about making a career within the military.

Kurata discusses his family. He also list the community organizations that he is a member of. Kurata discusses the message he wants to leave for future generations.

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