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Morihiro discusses more about the Champagne Campaign and his other combat experiences. He details about how he got wounded and the aftermath. Morihiro also discusses Shiro Kashino.

Morihiro discusses a story about E Company's first combat experience. He details about his speech on Shiro Kashino. Morihiro also goes through the Go For Broke book pointing out details.

Kashino describes her family's second grocery store business. She talks about her New Years Eve celebrations with family. She discusses her birthplace. She explains what happened to her family's grocery business after they were forced to leave the…

Louise Kashino talks about Shiro's medals and awards. She discusses the children that she had with Shiro. Raymond Jiro Takisaki returns to the interview. She explains how she met Takisaki. Takisaki also talks about how they met. He talks about their…
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