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Tanaka discusses some of the photographs he took and his experiences in post-war Germany. He details his family and working for Maui News. Tanaka also discusses about the legacy and impact Nisei Veterans had.

Tanaka discusses growing up in Maui on a planation. He details about his educational experiences. Tanaka also discusses his life after high school.

Taira Fukushima discusses the importance of family. For example, when he is a student, he gets a paper route job, and with the money earned, he shares it with the family. In the 1930s, there was a notion that tuberculosis was hereditary. By getting…

Takusagawa continues his discussion on growing up in Santa Barbara, including the impactful people that he grew up with, helping him to become a more rounded person. Eventually, this guided him to joining the school band, playing the snare drum,…

Kagawa reflects on the war and gives a message to future generations. He details about the legacy of Nisei soldiers. Kagawa also shows some newspaper articles that his saved.
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