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Mori discusses his home coming and finding a career. He details about his family. Mori gives a message to future generations and gives his closing remarks.

Murakami discusses his early life and his experiences living in Shelley, Idaho. He details his life journey of how he ended up being a missionary. Murakami also discusses his role in occupied Japan and the relationship with his family and the…

Iso discusses his time with the Air Intelligence Service Squadron and Project American during the Korean War. Iso details his job with The Foreign Service. Iso also gives advice to his grandchildren and explains what is most important.

Kurata discusses his family. He also list the community organizations that he is a member of. Kurata discusses the message he wants to leave for future generations.

Ishizaki discusses about her family. She details about her experiences in post-war Japan. Ishizaki also discusses about her work duties and her life after returning from Japan.

Sato discusses his experiences in Europe. He details his fondness for chess and his educational experiences. Sato also recalls his experiences in post-war japan and reflects on various aspects of his life.

Hamada reflects on some of the experiences he had during the war. He also details about his career after leaving the service. Hamada discusses the medals that he received.

Meyer discusses his family life and growing up in Chicago. He also details aspects about his education. Meyer discusses his experience with discrimination.

Masuda discusses more about his time on Tinian. He also discusses about his knowledge and thoughts about the atomic bombings. Masuda details about his life after leaving the army.

Sugidono discusses about his post-war experiences in Europe. He details about his life after the war. Sugidono also discusses about his family, retirement life, and discussing photographs.
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