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Kaji discusses about the National Japanese American Museum and reflects on his life. He details about how he met his wife and honeymoon. Kaji also discusses about his family, post-war life, and a friend.

Kaji discusses about his schooling and post-war employment. He details about the impact of the Nisei and staring a museum.

Takemoto talks about his experience being recognized in the Hawaii Army Museum's Gallery of Heroes, as a result of being a recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross. He also shares some recollections from the front line of combat as a platoon…

Karatsu discusses being a volunteer at the Japanese American National Museum, the Go For Broke monument, and his involvement with veterans organizations and reunions. He also talks about his grandchildren; and describes and shows a box containing…

Fuyuume tours around the Seabrook Farms museum and explains the artifacts which includes many historical items, paintings and a model of Seabrook Farms.
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