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Kim finishes discussing what makes a leader, making colonel, and retiring from the military. He details about working with the community after retirement. Kim also discusses how the war monument in Los Angeles came to be.

Kim discusses his experiences in the Korean War. He details about his military career and the unbreakable bonds he formed. Kim also discusses what makes a leader.

Mr. Saiki discusses volunteering to serve with the Counterintelligence Corps and traveling to Japan. It was while he was in Japan that Mr. Saiki was reunited with his brother. Mr. Saiki discusses his brother's citizenship issues and how he was able…

Kimoto discusses how he went blind. Kimoto details how he met his wife and some of the adversity he faced for being Japanese. He also discusses he career as a Fuller Brush Man.

Hamada discusses Operation Magpie and the role he played in it. He also details of what some of the Doolittle Flyers went through as prisoners of war. Hamada discusses his family.

Mitsugi Kasai continues his military service after World War II, participating in military activities in the Korean War and the Vietnam War

Yamamoto discusses his early training and how he ended up in the Counterintelligence Corps. Yamamoto details his work during the occupation of Japan. He discusses how he met his wife and his life after leaving the army.

In this video clip, Harry Fukuhara describes driving through Japan to reach Hiroshima, where he returned to his old house to find his Mother and Aunt. After helping his relatives in Hiroshima, he was discharged from service, but was able to return to…
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