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Tojo discusses about going overseas and arriving in Italy. He details about his experiences inItaly and in combat. Tojo also discusses about the realities of war.

Kimoto discusses the relationship among the Hawaiians and the Mainlanders, as well as the relationship with the officers. Kimoto also details about arriving in Italy and his early combat experiences in Italy. He discusses the realities of war.

Inouye discusses learning the realities of war. He details about the landing of Salerno and he also reflects on combat decisions. Inouye also discusses how he got wounded.

Sumida discusses The Battle of Monte Cassino and the realities of war. He details about his at Anzio Beach and the sound of artillery. Sumida also discusses the events surrounding Rome and his experiences near the Arno River.

In this video clip, Victor Nishijima talks about the saddest and happiest experiences during the war. He also talks about how he felt when the war was declared over. At the end of the clip, he talks about his homecoming and facing discrimination.

Ito continues to describe the Rescue of the Lost Battalion. He talks about the Japanese good luck charm (Sennibari) that his mother made him, which he kept with him through the entirety of his military service. He discusses the gratitude expressed…
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