Arthur Kurahara oral history interview, part 2 of 4, October 6, 2004


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Arthur Kurahara discusses working in the sugar mill as a mechanic in 1939 until the war. After being discharge from the war, he goes back to the sugar mill and gets promoted as supervisor.

Kurahara learns about the Pearl Harbor attack through the neighbor girl and is in disbelief. He then he listens to the radio to verify the information. Kurahara volunteers when there is an announcement for volunteers. Kurahara says being a volunteer is hard. At the time people are looking down upon those who volunteer especially Japanese Americans. It is a sense of stabbing the Japanese Americans in the back. He did not expect this type of reaction.

Kurahara goes to Schofield Barracks and assign to the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. His family and friends send him off before going to the Mainland. After five days of travel, he reaches Oakland and then is relocated to Mississippi. At Camp Shelby, Kurahara does his basic training. Kurahara trains with the heavy weapons company. His duty is to carry water cooler for machine gun. The water cooler keeps the gun cool when it is firing.

During training, the USO gives the opportunity for the soldiers to visit an interment camp in Arkansas. Kurarhara goes because he is curious to see what kind of camp it is. Kurahara has lots of respect for the Mainland boys who volunteered from the interment camps.








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