Ken Tamura oral history interview, part 4 of 7, May 1, 2000


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Ken Tamura discusses the effects of war on the soldiers, civilians, and the country. When Ken first arrives in France, many of the 442nd are either killed in action or wounded in action from the Lost Battalion rescue. In Europe during this time, there is a plague happening, and a shortage of food for the locals.

In Italy, Ken is transferred to Company C and becomes a litter bearer. Sometimes the locals will befriend soldiers to get food. Food is valuable during wartime. He shares his experience as a litter bearer, and how a local asks to help carry the litter.

Post-war, Ken's duty changes to processing German soldiers, and has a pass to go to Milan, Italy.



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1923 Mar 27

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Tamura, Ken: narrator, Lim, Reuben: interviewer, and Go For Broke National Education Center: publisher, “Ken Tamura oral history interview, part 4 of 7, May 1, 2000,” Japanese American Military History Collective, accessed July 16, 2024,