Peter Fukasawa oral history interview, part 3 of 5, August 25, 2001


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Peter Fukasawa discusses his happiest moment at Camp Shelby. On September 3, 1943 gets married. Fukasawa previously knows his wife due to their parents' friendship.

On the ship going overseas, Fukasawa has KP duty. He recalls the soldiers are either seasick or gambling on the ship. During his time off, he learns Italian. When the troops arrive overseas, they land near Naples. Fukasawa sees children looking for food in garbage bins and remembers the condition of the city as impoverish due to the war.

As the front line moves to Rome, Fukasawa moves with the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion. He could not tell the difference between the battles. He can only tell if the battle will be a heavy by the amount of ammunition hauled. Fukasawa's duty is the truck driver and he describes the amount of weapons carried in the truck is dangerous if they get hit.

During the European Theater, he would receive letters from his wife, and family. Also there were some down time for him to get some rest. He recalls a three day R&R in Rome and the Champagne Campaign.








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