Peter Fukasawa oral history interview, part 2 of 5, August 25, 2001


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Peter Fukasawa discusses on the day of Peal Harbor's attack. He learns about the news when he returns back from fishing . After Pearl Harbor, Executive Order 9066 is announced for the evacuation of Japanese Americans. Fukasawa's parents are relocated to Manzanar Concentration Camp. At this time Fukasawa is Camp Wolters, Texas.

Fukasawa is not able to visit his family in Manazar but his Father correspond frequently. After Texas, he is transfer to the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and and trains to be in the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion. Fukasawa has no experience with weapons because he was previously in a medical unit and assign to the ambulance platoon.

At Camp Shelby, Fukasawa learns from scratch for basic training. He is a fast learn because he only has one month to learn before replacements arrive. In basic training, Fukasawa meets the Hawaiian boys for the first time. He says you have to be friends with everyone because you have to work as a team. Fukasawa describes training with the 105mm Howitzer and the operators and his rank in basic training.








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