Peter Fukasawa oral history interview, part 1 of 5, August 25, 2001


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Fukasawa discusses his Father immigrating to the United States in 1905 and his Mother immigration in 1909. Fukasawa has two sisters and two brothers, The Fukasawa family lives in Fillmore, California on a ranch until a flod washes away their home.

Fukasawa's Father gets an opportunity to be a farm hand in Hawaii and the family relocates. Fukasawa lives in a valley that is pretty isolated and plays by himself and he is the only Japanese American at his school. Another nature destruction ruins their home and the family is forced to move. After junior high school, the Fukasawa family moves to Santa Monica, California and his Father obtains a job in the gardening business,

High school at Santa Monica is much larger in comparison to Hawaii. Fukasawa finds it difficult getting acquainted and developing close friendships. In Santa Monica the community has a large number of Japanese American families and a boys and girls clubs is formed. Fukasawa joins the boy clubs for social gathering.

Growing up, Fukasawa does not got to Japanese School. As an alternative, his Mother teaches him Japanese by translating the Japanese Bible. At home, Fuksawa's Father understands English but does not speak well. However, the family has a method to communicate to each other.

After graduating high school, Fukasawa goes to Junior College and works at a fruit stand briefly and then gardening for six years. In 1941 he volunteers for service and is in the 7th Division at Fort Ord in the medical unit.








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