Jimmy Mitsuo Hozaki oral history interview, part 2 of 2, December 4, 2006


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Hozaki talks about his nickname. He explains why he volunteered for the military. He describes interrogating Prisoners of War (POWs). He discusses his relationships with Mainland Soldiers. He talks about his interactions with civilians while stationed in Wiscousin. He explains what he did in his leisure time while he was in the military. He also explains how he met his wife for the first time. Hozaki talks about the extent to which he has shared his military experiences with family. He describes his religious upbringing. He discusses the diversity on his plantation. He talks about his childhood home life. He describes what life was like on a plantation. He briefly discusses the languages that he speaks. He explains the uses of sugarcane. He briefly talks about the War in Iraq. He describes his grandchildren. He explains how he fished for turtles. The interviewer tells a story about being rescued from drowning by a mutual friend of the interviewee. Hozaki list his friends that are excellent divers. He explains how some of his friends got their nicknames. He also talks about mutual friends he has with the interviewer. He continues to describes his childhood activities. He discusses his involvement with community activities. He explains how he helped slaughter chickens as a child. He talks about gardens on his plantation. He discusses Natto and egg rice meals. He describes military food. He explains what happened to a souvenir he had from the war. He reflects on the decisions that he made when he was young.








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1923 Mar 28

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