Jimmy Mitsuo Hozaki oral history interview, part 1 of 2, December 4, 2006


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Hozaki talks about his induction. He also talks about his wife and children. He discusses his education. He describes his employment before his military service. He talks about his physical exam for his enlistment. He discusses his experiences at Camp Savage and Scofield Barracks. He describes what it was like being in the MIS. He talks about his journey to New Guinea. He lists the other regions in the South Pacific where he was stationed. He discusses the assignment in Okinawa that other members of his unit were given. Hozaki describes being discharged. He talks about reuniting with his family. He describes his work in the collections department of a dairy farm. He discusses his work in the merchandise department of a railroad. He talks about his siblings who were in the Japanese Army. He describes his military service. He briefly discusses his medals and awards. He explains his father's backstory. Hozaki He talks about his relationship with his father. He describes his mother. He discusses his friendships. He discusses his involvement in high school sports. He talks about his mentors. He describes the subjects he studied in school. He discusses his childhood activities. Hozaki talks about the Attack on Pearl Harbor and the aftermath. He talks about his life on a water plant plantation. He describes his brothers that lived in Japan. He discusses his work on a railroad. He briefly talks about his retirement. He explains how he prepared turtle meat. He shares other stories from World War Two. He answers questions about difficult experiences during the war. He leaves a message for younger generations. He talks about his friendships with other veterans.








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1923 Mar 28

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