Ramsay Hishinuma oral history interview, part 2 of 3, October 11, 2010


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Hishinuma describes his proficiency in Japanese. He continues to talk about his experiences in Japanese language school. He continues to discuss his induction. He shares his feeling about leaving his home. He talks about the assignments given to Japanese Americans. He briefly discusses his time at Fort Snelling. He describes being stationed in Yokohama, Japan. He talks about his journey to Tokyo, Japan. He explains what he did in his leisure time. He describes Tokyo. He discusses being assigned to G-2 in Korea. He talks about his unit's headquarters. Hishinuma explains the feelings of Koreans regarding the presence of the United States military in Korea. He describes his translation work. He discusses his fear of a North Korean invasion while stationed in South Korea. He talks about his interactions with Korean civilians. He describes a temple full of refugees. He talks about leaving Korea. He describes his reenlistment. He discusses the Counterintelligence Corps. He explains General Douglas MacArthur's role in rebuilding Japan. He describes his role in rebuilding industry in Japan. He discusses his assignments with the Counterintelligence Corps. He talks about interrogating a royal Japanese civilian. Hishinuma describes the war crimes tribunal held in Japan. He briefly discusses the Department of Army Civilians. He talks about his work with the Atomic Printing Company. He describes his interactions with his family that lived in Japan.






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1925 Jul 13

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Hishinuma, Ramsay: narrator et al., “Ramsay Hishinuma oral history interview, part 2 of 3, October 11, 2010,” Japanese American Military History Collective, accessed May 26, 2024, https://ndajams.omeka.net/items/show/1052449.