Ken Miya oral history interview, part 4 of 5, February 23, 2002


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Miya discuses after the war staying with a provisional company until he gets assign to another company. Among his peers he is treated well by the original soldiers and did not feel any discrimination. Miya recalls his being a parameter guard at Lake Como and Prisoners of War duty and guard duty at Leghorn.

On the weekend, Miya would receive a pass to travel. He would visit Rome and Venice. For Switzerland, he receives a Visa to go sight seeing. Miya recalls Italy's devastation from the war and that there is nothing to see. Besides traveling, Miya has other recreational activities such as tennis, bowling, and photography. On one of his trips, he visits the Vatican to take scenic pictures and he is blessed by the Pope.

After a year in Leghorn, Miya returns back to the United States on a victory ship. Unfortunately, the ship runs into some mechanical issues overseas. The propeller of the ship is damage from a storm and is force to land on Azores Island to get repairs done. However, the troops wait for a week for another vessel to transport them back to the United States. Miya lands in New York and goes to Camp Kilmer in New Jersey for discharge. He is happy to be home.

Miya discusses other relatives in service and his brother going to Germany after the war. His brother volunteers for the Military Intelligence Service (MIS), but fails the exam. Instead his brother is assign to be the cook for MIS.






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