Ken Miya oral history interview, part 5 of 5, February 23, 2002


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Miya discusses discharge in 1946 in Chicago. In Chicago Miya is reunites with other Nisei soldiers who serve in the Military. He describes the contribution of the Nisei soldiers to World War Two.

Miya recalls the best part of his service is meeting other Japanese Americans who shares the same experiences as his did. The worst part is being discriminated at a restaurant.

When Miya returns home to Utah, his Brother is discharge from Military Intelligence Service and enjoys cooking supper for him. During Miya and his Brother's service, their Sister is in school and helps on the family on the farm.

Miya returns back to farm duties and milking cows for ten years until moving out to California. In California he attends trade school and finds a job at RCA through a friend. At RCA, Miya is a technician testing weather radars for 22 years before leaving for another company. He retires in 1991.

Miya recalls meeting his wife in 1963 at a Methodist Church in West LA. and getting married a few years later. They have two daughters. He shares a message for the next generation.






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Miya, Ken: narrator, Hashimoto, Leiton: interviewer, and Go For Broke National Education Center: publisher, “Ken Miya oral history interview, part 5 of 5, February 23, 2002,” Japanese American Military History Collective, accessed June 17, 2024,