Masato Eddy Kurushima oral history interview, part 1 of 8, February 23, 2002


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Masato Eddy Kurushima is born on December 6, 1924, in Brawley, CA.
Masato changes his name to Eddy because of the confusion of his Japanese name with his sister's name in high school.

Eddy grows up on the farm and he describes his childhood and home life. Eddy's Issei parents are from Japan. Before coming to California, Eddy's father worked in Mexico on a farm and is fluent in Spanish.

At a young age, Eddy helps his father with interpreting negotiations and documents. They have a close relationship because Eddy understands his father the most. Eddy describes his father as a quiet, gentle, kind, and hard-working man.

Eddy also has fond memories of his mother. He describes his mother's life as a Cinderella story. Growing up, Eddy loves to draw, and his mother supports his interest.

As an artist, Eddy draws life on the farm and his family to illustrate his childhood.



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1924 Dec 06

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