Masato Eddy Kurushima oral history interview, part 2 of 8, February 23, 2002


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Masato Eddy Kurushima records his childhood through his drawings. He shows an illustration about his home life. During Christmas and New Year's time, the family makes mochi. Making mochi on special occasions is a Japanese tradition that Eddy's parents practice after leaving Japan.

Eddy says he always looks forward to the holidays. Another pastime Eddy recalls was going for car rides with his family. Eddy's father loves cars.

Living in the Imperial Valley, the Kurushima family shops at the general store and get gas for their family car. Moreover, the Kurushima family goes to town occasionally on Friday nights to watch Japanese movies. Eddy's favorite movies are samurais. Another reason the Kurushima family goes to town is to buy Japanese food.

Eddy looks forwards to the family trips into town. He explains the difference in demographics in the downtown and uptown area. Eddy interacts with other ethnicities at school, but in the country he socializes more with Asians. Eddy discusses the relationship between Salvadorians and Hispanics. Also, he recalls discrimination in elementary school.

Eddy does not share his discrimination with his parents because of "gaman." In Japanese, gaman means tolerance and perseverance. However, Eddy shares his experiences with his peers at school.

Eddy's love for art was encouraged not only by his mother but by Ms. Charles, his sixth-grade teacher. In grade school, Eddy already realized he wanted to be an artist. He discusses being Japanese American and being an artist.

In 1933, the Kurushima family went to Japan and stayed there for several years. Eddies show his drawing of himself with his siblings. Eddy feels he is not accepted in Japan or the United States because he is a foreigner in both countries.



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