Masato Eddy Kurushima oral history interview, part 3 of 8, February 23, 2002


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Masato Eddy Kurushima and his family go to Japan for a few years. During his time in Japan, he sees the country militarizing. After a year of recovery, Eddy's father decides to return to the United States earlier. After living in the United States, Eddy's father became accustomed to freedom and opportunities.

Eddy and his family return to the Imperial Valley after Japan. Eddy says he feels like a foreigner coming back to the United States even though he is a loyal American citizen. Living in Hiroshima, Japan, for three years, Eddy picks up the Hiroshima dialect. As a result, he has a hard time communicating with his peers.

In 1939, the Kurushima family moved to Fresno, CA, and attended Washington Union High School. At school, Eddy did not feel accepted by the other Nisei. Eddy mentions, his son experiences the same intercultural prejudices with his peers. In 1942 Eddy and his family were evacuated to camp.

After World War Two, Eddy goes to the Occupation of Japan in 1946. He recalls visiting his relatives and feeling empathy for them. Eddy describes Hiroshima before and after the atomic bombing.



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