Hitoshi Sameshima oral history interview, part 1 of 8, February 24, 2002


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Hitoshi G. Sameshima is born April 13, 1921, in Pasadena, CA. His parents are from the southern part of Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. Hitoshi grows up in Pasadena, where his parents operate a laundry business until wartime. Hitoshi has three siblings, an older sister, Fumiko, brother Kenji Jack, and a younger sister Fujiko.

At home, Hitoshi's Issei parents teach him and his siblings Shushin - Japanese morals and values. For example, honor the family, study hard, persevere, and Ganbare. Besides attending primary school, Hitoshi attends Japanese Language School and kendo. At home, Hitoshi speaks Japanese.

Growing up in Pasadena, Hitoshi attends the Pasadena Unified School District throughout his school years. The school district is a cosmopolitan demographic with diversity. As a child, Hitoshi feels everyone is the same despite coming from different ancestry. After graduating High School, Hitoshi works part-time to pay for his tuition at the University of Southern California.

He recalls his childhood friends and their Military service during World War Two.



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1921 Apr 13

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