Hitoshi Sameshima oral history interview, part 7 of 8, February 24, 2002


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After the occupation of Japan, Hitoshi G. Sameshima stays for several more years. He sees the reconstruction of Japan and describes the progress. Hitoshi says General MacArthur and the US military plays a big part in the rebuilding after the war.

A memorable moment in Japan for Hitoshi is the accomplishment of climbing Mount Fuji. He describes his journey up the mountain and seeing the sunrise.

Hitoshi returns to the United States after being in Japan for several years. He and his wife travel on an Army transport ship for thirteen days until to arrive in Seattle, WA.

Hitoshi and his wife go to Altadena, CA, where his sister lives. Hitoshi takes a civil service exam for a store helper and passes the exam. He feels it will be hard to make a living with this job. Therefore, he decides to return to school at USC in the evenings. At work, Hitoshi takes promotional exams and passes. Hitoshi ends up staying with the County of Los Angeles for 38 years and receives many promotions. He retires in 1983 from the standardization department as Supervisor Deputy.

Hitoshi's wife speaks little English, and he helps his wife, Utako, get a domestic job to immerse her in the English language. Utako works for McDonald Home in Altadena, and everyone loves her. Hitoshi and his wife have a daughter, Linda.

Hitoshi's message to future generations is to live a good life. Be kind to others and show compassion. Be honest with yourself. Be worthy of what you are doing and take responsibility as you should. Hitoshi reflects on his friend, Joe Hayashi. Post-war, Hitoshi stays active in the community and gives his time helping with others.



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