Kiyoji Morimoto oral history interview, part 3 of 7, February 28, 2002


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Kiyoji "Jonah" Morimoto discusses working at a meet market after graduating high school until he volunteers for the service. Morimoto does not feel discrimination prewar. He says during that time each ethnic group lives in their own perspective camp.

On December 7, 1941 Morimoto recalls the Pearl Harbor bombing and hearing the artillery fire from the enemy and coastal fires. On March 18, 1943 Morimoto is inducted into service. He mentions the best part of a single service unit is being with a group of people you know. The reason for volunteering is for the future of the Japanese American as first class citizens.

Morimoto goes to Mountain View for his physical exam and sees the doctor who buys his camera. The doctors offers to help him to fail the exam but Morimoto feels it is his duty to serve for the country. Morimoto travels to the mainland by ship to go to Camp Shelby. Morimoto explains why he is at Camp Shelby for one year. He says basic training that is for six to eight weeks is for replacements but his unit is assign to work with other companies a team. Morimoto begins in Company A then to K Company and his duty is rifleman.



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