Thomas Ukichi Wozumi oral history interview, part 3 of 4, June 25, 2007


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Thomas Ukichi Wozumi goes on leave to New York before going overseas. He shows an original menu he got from Miyako Restaurant in New York. Thomas departs on a cargo ship and lands in Iran and travels to Naples, France.

He recalls his first battle, the Lost Battalion, and the 442nd first battle with the German soldiers. He discusses the difference between German and American guns, living conditions on the battlefield, and replacements.

At the end of October, Thomas is injured by a landmine when his Company crosses the river. He receives the Purple Heart for his injuries. After his recovery, he goes to Anzio and stays in Naples for a while. Shortly after, Thomas gets trench foot and is reclassified from the messenger squad to being a driver.

Thomas returns to Hawaii on September 5, 1945, after being discharge from service. He shares his homecoming experience and works at the Post Office as a mail courier for 27 years before retiring.




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