Yoroku Ito oral history interview, part 1 of 3, June 29, 2007


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Yoroku Ito is born on January 31, 1922, in Puunene, an island of Maui. Yoroku and his family live in camp five on a sugar plantation. The house is comfortable for five children and two adults. Yoroku explains the camps are segregated and sectioned by ethnic groups.

Growing up, Yoroku says all the kids, Japanese, Filipino and Portuguese played together. As a child, Yokoru enjoys watching movies and going to the Honganji for social gatherings. He is also part of the Boy Scouts.

Yoroku attends Puunene Grammer School and Japanese Language School. After Puunene Grammar School, he goes to Maui High School. In High School, he participates in seasonal sports.

In the summers, Yoroku works at the pineapple farm to earn money for his Boy Scout fee. After Yoroku graduates High School in 1940, he moves to O'ahu to work as a carpenter. He recalls seeing the Japan airplanes on December 7 and the following events after. Yoroku's loyalty to his family and country are the reasons for him to volunteer for the Army.



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1922 Jan 31

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