Yoroku Ito oral history interview, part 2 of 3, June 29, 2007


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Yoroku's family has feelings of loyalty and patriotism to America. For the nation and the country, Yoroku volunteers for the Army. Yoroku is stationed at Schofield Barracks for a short time before leaving for the mainland for basic training at Camp Shelby.

He is assigned to Company B 442nd. On his weekend passes, Yoroku goes to Hattiesburg and sees segregation for the first time. He describes serval incidents of discrimination. Yoroku discusses Earl Finch. Mr. Finch did not show discrimination to anyone and is equal to all persons. Yoroku also describes the relationship between Mainland and Hawaiian boys at Camp Shelby.

After Camp Shelby, Yoroku goes to Newport Dunes, Virginia, and is a replacement for the 100th. Yoroku goes on a convoy for 30 days to go to Naples, Italy.

The first battle Yoroku is in is at Belvedere. He discusses his thought and feelings. The worst experience of war is seeing his friends getting wounded and killed in combat. He reflects on the Po Campaign and how he gets hurt on his leg at this battle.

Overseas, he meets friends from Maui and corresponds back home to his family about his encounters. Yoroku receives the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his Army Service.



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1922 Jan 31

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