Paul Bannai oral history interview, part 1 of 8, September 15, 2002


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Paul Takeo Bannai is born July 4, 1920, in Delta, Colorado. Paul explains the meaning of this name. Paul grows up in Utah and Colorado before moving to Boyle Heights, CA.

On December 7, Paul hears about the Pearl Harbor attack, and he reports to the Elective Service Board in Exposition Park. Before December 7, Japanese Americans are classified as 1A. However, after Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans are classified 4C.

Due to the 4C classification, Japanese Americans cannot serve. Paul and a few others from the Japanese American Citizen League (JACL) write a letter expressing their rights as citizens. As a result, the Japanese American classification is changed, and Paul volunteers for the military.

When evacuation orders are announced, Paul's family goes to Manzanar first. Paul delays his evacuation to continue his work at the bank. Later, Paul joins his family at Manzanar briefly before going to Idaho for farming. Through the Quaker's Program, Paul applies for college and goes to Drake University, IA.



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1920 Jul 04

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