Paul Bannai oral history interview, part 4 of 8, September 15, 2002


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Paul Takao Bannai discusses Nisei in the Japanese Army and wants to learn more about their experience. In Kyoto, Paul helps organize the breweries to sell alcohol to the United States military.

After Japan, Paul has one more year of service. He goes to Fort Lewis, WA. He is assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division, 23rd Regiment, First Sergeant of the Cannon Company. Paul reflects on working with General MacArthur and says he is a good leader.

When Paul is discharged, he faces challenges finding a job and buying a home due to discrimination. Paul is able to persuade a housing contractor to sell homes to Japanese Americans. Paul goes into the real estate business with the motivation to help other Japanese Americans.

Paul establishes his real estate business in Gardena and is active with the city. The next phase of Paul's life is in politics. Paul becomes the Executive Director of Commissioner of Wartime and Relocation Internment of Civilians.

Besides politics, Paul focuses on recording the stories of camp life, 442nd, and the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). Paul's story goes to MGM studios, and a movie is produced. The film is called Go For Broke, and it is a success.



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1920 Jul 04

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